Drexelbrook is known as a worldwide leader in level measurement solutions for both conductive and non-conductive liquids, powders, and granules . They offer a variety of level measurement technologies which offer solutions to point level and continuous level measurements. Drexelbrook also offers a line of wireless products that can be used on any of their level measurement systems for remote monitoring. If you are interested, please fill out the QR1 form and send it to our customer service email.

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Cote Shield Technology Overview

Total Tank System (TTS)

Open Air Radar Technology

TTS Interface

Water Cut Meter Overview


Intellipoint SIL2 Technology

Universal IV Water Cut

Video Tutorials

Changing Modes on The Point

Calibrating a Universal IV

The Point Calibration (1/2)

Wiring a Universal IV

The Point Calibration (2/2)

USonic-R: Checking Voltage

Probe Short Circuit Test

DR7000: Getting Started